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Landscape as Witness - #5

This is just a brief update before I begin uploading more regularly to social media again. Please ignore the fact that I previously promised to post 'more frequent updates' back in March...

Firstly, I have been working on my MRes thesis over the past number of months, and have now completed drafts of each chapter. I will be handing in a draft of the entire thesis at the beginning of September, with the hopes of submitting the completed body of work by the end of October. Currently I am finalising Chapters 1-5, as well as working on the introduction/conclusion.

Secondly, I am also nearing the completion of the corresponding photobook, entitled 'Landscape as Witness'. Below is the proposed cover for it, something that I have been mulling over for a while now. While creating various maquettes for the book, I had the opportunity to experiment with a number of different cover images. This image immediately stood out as an ideal choice, depicting an unfinished wall that is thought to have been built as part of the Public Works Scheme during the Famine years in Sladoo, Carron, Co. Clare. A more detailed blog post on this particular wall can be found here.

Finally, with regards to further updates, I will attempting to upload more regular 'behind the scenes' posts to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I will also be posting on Instagram Stories/Facebook Stories over the coming days, requesting feedback on the sort of daily/weekly updates that people would be interested in. If you have any suggestions regarding this, then please feel free to contact me here or on any of the social media platforms listed above.

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