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Landscape as Witness - Field Trip: Day 36

There was due to be quite a lot of cloud cover around the area for most of the morning, so I took advantage of this by walking down the road to document the famine road in Poulaphuca once more. Although I had already gotten various images of the road itself, I was still eager to capture an image from another slightly higher viewpoint. As well as this, I was still yet to film any footage of the road during my time here. I certainly got the weather that I was hoping for as I left Carron, with the overcast skies persistent even between the frequent showers.

Upon arriving at the viewpoint in question, I set up my equipment and began to get everything ready to record. I had been banking on a break in the showers to allow me to film, but if anything the rain began to pour down harder than ever before. I had previously bought a waterproof case for my camera specifically for situations like this, however my recorder still remained exposed to the elements. Although slightly unconventional, I was able to place the recorder inside an empty sandwich bag that seemed to keep the rain off effectively. After eventually managing to record a 20-minute take, the skies began to clear. Satisfied with the footage I had acquired, I began to make my way back to Carron.

With cloud cover around the area due to decrease rapidly throughout the afternoon, I thought it would be best to cycle to Kilfenora to do the last shop of the field trip. Usually I do this shop every Monday, buying enough food to last me the week. As next Friday will be my last day here, it made sense to get the shop out of the way today. As a result of this, I am now left with next week to concentrate solely on documenting the remaining famine constructions.

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