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Subject Number: 53184761869


What is your family background?

I have an Irish mother and an English father. I was born in England (Manchester), living there until I was a year and a half old before moving over to Ireland. Although my mother’s family lived in Munster for many generations they originated in England, travelling across the Irish Sea during the plantations. My father’s family lived in England for multiple generations, although there is evidence of his ancestors being part of the plantations also. Going further back, some of his ancestors came across to England from France during the Norman invasions of Britain in 1066 (the Bassett family). Coincidently, ancestors of my mother also made this journey at the same time.


What does it mean to be Irish?

Being Irish means having a sense of solidarity with the people who also live on this island, a feeling that has been built into our culture. I think that sense of togetherness is what is key to the idea of nationality.


What is your nationality?

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