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Landscape as Witness - #1

From a recent supervisor meeting in IADT Dun Laoghaire

Welcome to the first blog post as part of my on-going project, Landscape as Witness. This project aims to document the constructions that were built as part of the Public Works Schemes during the Great Famine (1845-52) in Ireland. This will be done through a combination of photography, oral history, mapping, as well as ethnographic research, and will be centring around North Clare in Ireland.

This blog will act as a documentation of the research process, a place where I can jot down any thoughts/observations I have whilst undertaking the project. This will be done through the use of ‘behind the scenes’ footage of my work, reviews of any relevant material that I may come across during my project, as well as providing an update on how the project is progressing.

#Photography #History #Research #Introduction #Ireland #TheGreatFamine #LandscapeasWitness

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